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"Super happy about the result."
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Who Are We?

Hospitality Experts Focuses On Digital Success For Restaurants.
We Build Websites That Improve Your Search Engine Rankings, Attract More Diners, And Represent Your Culinary Style.

Innovation is at the heart of everything we do, driving us to constantly explore new ideas and solutions.
We believe in creating a friendly and welcoming environment where collaboration and mutual respect thrive.
Result Driven
Our commitment to being result-driven ensures that we consistently deliver exceptional outcomes for our clients and partners.
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Our Most Recent Project

Website Redesign & Branding Revamp

In our latest project, we gave a café on the Gold Coast a brand new look and website. The bold new design captures the café's lively atmosphere. As a result, we've not only seen more people coming in, but also a big increase in online interest.


More Table Bookings

In the weeks following the launch of the new website Caffeine Kings saw a great increase in table bookings.


More Menu Views

With a clear menu integration and straight forward navigation we manages to increase the amount of menu views.

Restaurant Website Design Projects

Our Recently Launched Websites

Website Redesign + Rebrand

Jacques 1748

For Jacques we did a high end website refresh to captivate the unique Italian flavours being served.

Website Redesign

Stellar Bistro

Stellar is a starred bistro ready to elevate their online presence.

Laptop sitting on a chair, displaying a modern website.
Website Redesign

Caffeine Kings

A small café on the gold coast needed their unique position displayed online.

Restaurant Website Essentials

What Makes a Great Restaurant Website?

For top performance, we add features to our websites that improve your rankings, usability, and bookings.

Easy to Update

Hassle-Free Dashboard

Add a new item to your dashboard and it will automatically appear across your website. You won't need to be a specialist to update your website!

Google Will Love You

Advanced Menu Integration

We don't just upload a PDF. Your customers won't like it and google can't work with it. We will integrate an easy to use menu, which will displays your food items the right way.

Become Visible

Local SEO

Imagine having having the prettiest restaurant in town, but no one can find it. That's like a website without SEO. We provide on page SEO optimization to rank you ahead of your competition.

Let's make it even easier for you!

Integration of POS Systems.

Already got a POS System and you want online orders to be sent straight to the kitchen? No worries, we will integrate your current system into your new website.

Why Choose Us?

Let's make your decision a little easier!

Project Timeframe
10 Days
2-4 Months
Restaurant Website Experts
No Specialization
Website Updating
Easily Done Yourself
Need a Developer
Online Ordering/ Table Booking
Integration Included
No Integration
Local SEO
Free On Page SEO
Services We Offer

Restaurant Branding

Building loyalty and trust through cohesive branding is essential. Your brand isn't just your logo. It's the feeling you customer gets when walking through your door, sipping your coffee or seeing you logo on social media.

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Services We Offer

Restaurant Website Design & Development

Imagine a website fully tailored and created for your restaurant. Optimized to tackle all your challenges. A Website that creates visibility online, attracts more customers and makes the booking process more effective than ever.

Website of a burger restaurant on a laptop.
Additional Services We Offer

Restaurant Marketing

Reach customer that have never heard of you or remarket existing ones to come back again. With the right strategy our team will make sure to target your optimal audience and drive in more customers.

Two womes sitting and discussing something, while pointing at a laptop screen.
Services We Offer

Restaurant Photography & Videography

An image tells more than 1000 words. We all know that saying. And that's especially true for your restaurant. We suggest do it once well so you don't have to do it again. Especially with images you can use on all your channels, including website, social media and google.

How to ge started?

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It only takes a couple of clicks to take your restaurant off the ground. Through a cohesive strategy we will start delivering results.

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Some Nice Words From Our Clients...

Our goal is the same as yours! Nothing beats a satisfying customer experience.

Super happy about the result. Tim is very professional. He was paying attention to the details that I have not thought of, and added much more value to our business than expected which was very helpful. 100% recommend for anyone who wants to improve their website, or any design jobs. 👍

Brad Kim

Owner, Caffeine Kings

"This was the most smoothest experience I've ever had. Really happy with the new website.

Aarav Singh Patel

Owner, Jacques 1748

"Love the new website. It's was such a great experience with you guys. We will definitely reach out for future work."

Simone F.

Restaurant Owner

"Love, love, love the result. Really enjoyed working with you guys and will always recommend."

Ella G.

Café Owner

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Our Frequently Asked Questions!

If you have any questions or need clarity, feel free to reach out and get in touch with our team.

Can you help redesign our website to improve bookings?

Absolutely! We focus on designing user-friendly websites that enhance user experience, streamline booking processes, and optimize for conversions.

Can you integrate booking systems into our website?

Yes, we specialize in integrating efficient booking systems into websites to facilitate easy reservations for your guests.

Do you provide training for our team to manage the website or social media?

Yes, we offer training sessions for your team to manage the website and social media platforms effectively after project completion. You will also have the option to have our team take on this task and generate content for your channels.

What happens if we want to update our website later on?

We offer an easy to use Content-Management-System (CMS) which let's you update content quite easily. If you'd like to leave this with us, we also do long term management, support and maintenance.

How long does it take to see results from branding and social media efforts?

Results can vary based on several factors, but typically, you might start seeing changes in brand perception and engagement within 3-6 months.

Do You Offer Payment Plans?

Yes, we you have the option to pay the project in full or split up into 4 instalment.

What is SEO and do I really need it?

Imagine launching a website as planting a seed in the vast online garden; SEO is the essential watering it needs to grow. For cafes, local SEO is particularly important—it ensures your cafe appears prominently when locals search for a coffee shop or dining spot. A cafe without SEO is like a seed left to fend for itself in harsh soil; it might survive, but it won't thrive or capture the attention of those nearby searching for what you offer. Therefore, investing in SEO is crucial for cafes to attract local customers and grow their business.


Tips For The Hospitality Industry!

Read our Free Assets to help you understand better how to market your business and grow your customer base.

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The Benefits of Integrating Online Ordering into Your Restaurant’s Website

Integrating online ordering into your restaurant's website enhances customer convenience and increases sales by allowing customers to order easily from anywhere, while also streamlining operations and providing valuable data for personalized marketing. Embracing this technology in 2024 is essential for staying competitive and improving overall customer satisfaction.
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Why Your Restaurant Needs SEO in 2024!

In 2024, SEO is crucial for restaurants to enhance their online visibility, attract local customers, and stay competitive in the digital age. By optimizing your website and online profiles, creating engaging content, and encouraging positive reviews, you can significantly increase your restaurant's discoverability and customer base.
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Why Does My Restaurant Need a Website?

A website is essential for your restaurant because it enhances visibility, allowing potential customers to find you online, and provides 24/7 access to crucial information such as menus, hours, and contact details, making it easier for customers to decide to visit. Additionally, a website facilitates online reservations and orders, builds your brand, engages customers, collects feedback, and integrates with digital marketing strategies to drive traffic and increase your online presence.